About Me

"I discovered felt and everything changed".


"Having lived in Africa many years ago, there is a definite influence from that time on my current textile work. The vibrant changing colours of the skies, especially at sunset; the wide open vistas; the wildlife; and the people, with their continuing struggles, have all made their mark".

About Me

Originally a physiotherapist, I have completed various felting as well as embroidery courses, and now work mainly with dyed merino wool carded with additional fibres and textural threads. The tactile manipulation of the felting process always proves satisfying. There is always a sense of anticipation when trying a new and innovative technique: sometimes an unexpected result is achieved, giving an element of surprise as well as a new dimension to the work.


Drawing inspiration from extensive travel over the years, my love of geometric shape, repeating patterns, colour and texture has continued to evolve. 3-D work and Nuno felting techniques continue to intrigue me. Recently I have been experimenting with new methods as I seek to further develop my own style.


Combining traditional embroidery techniques with computer manipulated images, although very time consuming, has resulted in some interesting outcomes - but I still love to make wacky hats and one-off pieces like The Big Breakfast and Fish Supper.








Ann Williams



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